Disabled Writers Information Submission

Thanks for your interest in Disabled Writers! This resource is specifically designed to help editors connect with disabled people working in journalism, or trying to break into the field.

For the convenience of journalists and editors, it also includes disabled experts who are available to serve as sources, such as attorneys, physicians, social workers, and others with professional experience or education that makes them expert sources in their fields. 

If your profile was previously listed and you withdrew it or it was delisted for inactivity, you do not need to fill out this form again. Email disabled.writers at gmail.com to reinstate your profile. 

If you aren't a disabled journalist/aspiring journalist or expert, this initiative isn't well suited for you. We wish you the best of luck in your endeavors!

A general geographic location — Germany, or South Carolina — is fine. This helps editors know which time zone you're in.
Please provide a link for download and include an image description (a brief caption that describes your photograph — think of how you'd describe yourself to someone who doesn't know what you look like). You may also send a file/description to disabled.writers at gmail dot com.
Your website, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. You are encouraged to list as many sites as you like!
Please provide a biography with information about you and your work.
If you have clips, please submit no more than three links to individual stories, or a link to your portfolio. (You can update at any time by emailing disabled.writers at gmail.com.) Clips are required for writers so editors can review their prior work.
Using keywords (Black, Autistic, Trans, Queer, etc.), please describe how you identify. This will help editors and journalists find matches.
Using keywords (Medicaid, food reviews, labor, disability history), please describe your subject areas of expertise.
Are you a... *
Please include proficiency, e.g. French (fluent), Arabic (spoken), Auslan (fluent)
In addition to email, are you comfortable communicating... *