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Tessa Torgeson

Image: Smiling early 30s blond woman wearing a purple raincoat reads a book next to a statue of Lucy (from Peanuts).

Contact Tessa: tessa.torgeson at gmail.com

I write about darkness, light, and the places in between. I passionately believe in reclaiming our own recovery narratives and the power of resilience.  My creative nonfiction essays are about mental health, life with a chronic illnesses (brain injury, bipolar, PTSD) being a recovering addict, cats, my past career as a social worker, queer identities, astronomy, and myths, among many other things!  I aim to take my readers with me on a quest to explore the awe and wonder of the world and resist the stigmas of mental illness/ addiction. I believe that some of the most intelligent, kind, creative, and ambitious people have mental illness. Each day is a (insert battle metaphor here), yet our struggle is often invisible. I want my readers to know they are not alone and build bridges with our words. My blog Off Her Rocker blends my creative nonfiction writing about my experiences in rehab/mental health facilities as both a patient and a social worker with my archival research at the former Minnesota State Asylum, where I completed a writer’s residency. My writing has appeared in places like Role/Reboot, The Fix, bioStories, Oregon Humanities Posts,  Rkvry Quarterly Literary Journal, and others.

You can find Tessa at her website, blog, and Twitter @tessa_tito

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Tessa is available as a source and for personal essays, opinion editorial, and reported features

Additional communication availability: Phone, text, chat, videoconference

Languages: English

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