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Robin Eames

Image: Robin, a white femme genderfluid intersex person, seated in their manual wheelchair in front of a brick wall. They have blue hair, glasses, several visible tattoos and piercings, and are wearing purple lipstick and a shirt that says THE FUTURE IS ACCESSIBLE (courtesy of Annie Segarra). They are looking toward the upper left of the photo.

Contact Robin: robin.m.eames at gmail.com

Robin M. Eames is a disabled & dying writer/artist/activist living on Gadigal land, Eora country, Sydney, Australia, currently pursuing History Honours at the University of Sydney. They are passionately involved in disability activism and community, and sometimes appear at speaking events or run workshops on disability, gender, sexuality, anticapitalism, and civil rights theory/praxis based in lived experience & informed by love and solidarity. Recently they were the Sydney site coordinator for the 2017 Disability Day of Mourning vigil, and a featured artist/panellist at the poetry festival UNSPOKEN WORDS. 

Robin’s writing and artwork has been published by Strange Horizons, GlitterShip, the Red Room Company, Luna Station Quarterly, Glitterwolf, the speculative fiction anthology Broken Worlds, the UNSPOKEN WORDS artists’ anthology, and University of Sydney publications including Honi Soit, ARNA, and Hermes. They have exhibited art at Verge Gallery, the M2 Gallery, the Red Rattler Theatre, and the Burdekin Hotel. 

Their interests include comparative mythology, queercrip theory, Mad Studies, gender history & historiography, weird poetry, invisible histories, cats, black tea, and tattoos.

You can find Robin at their websiteFacebookInstagramLinkedInAmazonAcademia.edu, and Twitter @robinmarceline

Find Robin's current clips here. Recent notable clips include: 

Archer Magazine, November 2017: Queercrip Communities

Junkee, November 2017: I'm Not "Better Off Dead": The Problem With Assisted Suicide Legislation

Robin is available as a source and for personal essays, opinion editorial, reported features, editing, and public speaking

Communication availability: Email only 

Languages: English (Fluent), Auslan (Finger signs and some others), Swiss German (Basic), High German (Basic), Spanish (Basic)


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