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Miss Ruby Rousson

Image: Miss Ruby Rousson is a caucasian woman with wavy shoulder length brown hair, green eyes, and black glasses. She wears a green scarf around her neck (one of many in her collection), and one white iPod earphone dangling out of her ear. She also has a closed lipped smirk her partner has coined as her 'selfie smile'. 

Contact Ruby: MissRubyRousson at gmail.com

Miss Ruby Rousson is a queer disabled sex worker from England. She currently studies psychology part time, and has worked within the adult industry for over 5 years. Ruby now works primarily as an internet Dominatrix, clip producer, writer, and blogger.

You can find Ruby on TumblrInstagram, and Twitter @MissRubyRousson

Find Ruby's writing on her website, selected clips below:

Liability Magazine: Living with an empathetic partner

CaraSutra, May 2017: Titus Basics Donut Cock Rings 3-Pack Review

Miss Ruby Rousson, May 2017: 14 Practical TMD Tips

Ruby is available as a source and for personal essays, opinion editorial, and reviews. 

Additional communication availability: Text, chat

Languages: English (Fluent)

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