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Martin Tran

Martin Tran

Image: A well-dressed Vietnamese American young man wearing stylish eyeglasses from Perry Ellis. 

Contact Martin: martintran198553 at yahoo.com 

My name is Martin Tran, and I am a disabled person living in San Jose California. I am a student at San Jose State University, and my major is Creative Arts and my minor is in journalism. I have disabilities in language that impact reading, writing, speaking, and vision. I am a bilingual. I speak Vietnamese and English. I hope to pursue careers in education and in journalism for the writing and designing aspect. Journalism is a passion of mine due to the work that they do from traveling, interviewing, and educating about current events. Education is a career that I would like to do to help students with services. I love to help others out. I was able to bring back Journalism at Evergreen Valley College and a developed a partnership with Braven for students at Evergreen who want to have a career after they graduate. Writing is a joy for me because it allows me to be creative and critical on what I read. I have connected with various professions for career development. I hope to work in a non profit setting to use my skills in my classes. I have been able to meet numerous challenges with my disabilities in school and in my daily life. Despite my disabilities, I hope to have a career in writing. People respect me for being resilient person. I worked with others to see their goals to become a reality. 

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Languages: English, Vietnamese

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