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Marie Shanley

Image: Small blonde, with blue eyes. A bit quirky and always has her head, or at least nose, in a book, such as in this image.

Contact Marie: mxiety.marie at gmail.com 

As I started coming to terms with the fact that my mental health issues do not make me any less of anything: less of a person, less of a wife, less of a dog mom, less of a friend, or capable employee, I started to write about it more. I have anxiety and depression with some compulsive thoughts and flashbacks thrown in, but I will not let them have me. 

Since I was eighteen depression has pulled me into isolation. I spent many days feeling too much and then nothing at all. I pushed back with bubbliness in the hopes that could quiet the voice inside of me saying I was not worthy of love or joy. Since I was sixteen I knew I had to work extra hard to accomplish simple tasks, push past physical pain induced by anxiety just to function. Since I was fourteen I had to remind myself that this body I am given is the only one I have, and eating disorders were not doing it any favors. 

To cope, I did a lot of research and dove into movies, books, and pop culture for comfort. Thus, I also have a lot of cultural references in addition to all of my well-sourced information to reference when in doubt. 

To those trying to understand mental illness, I hope I can shed some light. To those suffering, I hope that my resources make them more comfortable with the idea of reaching out to a professional, instead of being stubborn and insisting they are fine. I want the world to learn more about people who suffer from Depression and other mental illnesses and live fine lives in spite of them. I want to end the misconceptions and stigma with information, wits, and stories. 

You can find Marie at her website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, and Twitter @mxiety

Marie is available as a source and for opinion editorial

Additional communication availability: Phone, chat, videoconference

Languages: English, Russian

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