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Madeleine Little

Image: Headshot of Madeleine Little, a caucasian young woman in her early twenties with dyed, cool and vibrant red hair, green eyes, subtle bronze eyeshadow, brown eyebrows, a wide smile featuring white teeth, pale pink lips and a beauty spot just above the lip. Madeleine is photographed in front of a neutral backdrop of grey to the left and white to the right of her. Her red hair is very long, and the photograph cuts off at her collarbones. Her black top is just visible under her hair. 

Contact Madeleine: madeleine.little at hotmail.com 

Madeleine Little is a performer, writer, and arts administrator with a keen interest in collaborative devising processes and a passion for diverse, inclusive theatre. She is currently devising and performing professionally as a member of the indelabilityarts Ensemble. Madeleine holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Drama) degree from QUT, and is currently completing a Master of Arts (Creative Arts) through University of Southern Queensland. Her Masters study is focused on the professional engagement of artists with disability and their role in theatremaking processes and products. This is to establish a framework for professional theatre organisations in Australia and worldwide that allows them to employ disabled artists without the artists themselves being responsible for the accessible theatre practice and necessary accommodations, and to vastly improve the number of employed disabled actors and artists in the theatre sector. 

Madeleine often blogs about her experiences as a young woman with a disability. It is her hope to continue blogging and create a larger dialogue surrounding the professional engagement of people with disability in the arts sector, and occasionally discuss the complexities of the perfect burrito. 

You can find Madeleine at her website, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter @notmadeleine

Find Madeleine's current clips here

Madeleine is available as a source and for personal essays and opinion editorial

Additional communication availability: Text, chat, videoconference

Languages: English (Australian)

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