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Kristy Young

Image: A brown-skinned Black woman with half-shaved black locs wearing glasses, a tie-dye lanyard, and a black T-shirt featuring the band Queen. 

Contact Kristy: youngkris1990 at gmail.com

My name is Kristy Young. I'm a Black, autistic, asexual lesbian from the Washington, DC Metro area, and I write about race, disability and LGBTQ issues. In my spare time, I like to draw, and eat out at restaurants. My blog is Black NeuroQueer Punk. 

You can find Kristy at Black NeuroQueer Punk, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter @AfroAutPunk


Black NeuroQueer Punk: Where Are All The Accessible Queer Spaces?

Black NeuroQueer Punk: I Still Struggle With Internalized Oppression

Black NeuroQueer Punk: Asexuality Myths Debunked

Kristy is available as a source and for personal essays and opinion editorial

Additional communication availability: Text, chat

Languages: English

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Errol Kerr

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