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Georgina Tomsett-Rowe

Image: Picture of woman with short ginger hair and glasses.

Contact Georgina: gtomsettrowe at gmail.com

Having always been destined to be in the classroom, for a decade I taught modern languages in a variety of schools across the UK and Spain. In 2016 I developed an atypical neurological disorder, forcing me to leave the classroom. 

When I was diagnosed, it became apparent that there were limited resources beyond the scientific explanations; there was very little to help you with coping with a new normal. Soon after my diagnosis, and with this on my mind, we set up an online community and support group aimed at assisting children, teenagers, and young adults living with neurological conditions, helping them navigate through school, university, and the real world. This took off, becoming incredibly popular, and it was decided that there was a greater need for this information beyond the confines of this group. 

To this end, in October 2017, I launched a website collating resources and providing information and support for those within the chronic illness and invisible disability communities. When writing for this site, I spoke to consultants, primary health care providers, specialist nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and a plethora of people with first hand, real world experience. When the site launched, we reached 15,000 people in the first weekend and now regularly reach similar numbers with new articles, collaborations, and guest pieces. From this venture, I have had the chance to meet and work with some incredible people and organisations, including international charities and governmental bodies, and alongside this work, the services I offer as a copywriter and proofreader in academic and journalistic spheres, has provided me with the opportunity to further explore these communities.

In recognition of my advocacy and volunteering, I was proud to have been nominated for a governmental ‘Point of Light’ award in December 2017. Working with the disability community gives me a real sense of hope for the future and I am never more fulfilled than when I receive an email from someone who may be housebound telling me that, for the first time in the timeline of their condition, they don’t feel alone. 

You can find Georgina at Life Without LimitsFacebook, and Instagram

Recent clips: 

Diva, August 2017: Opinion: I'm an openly queer teacher - here's why that matters

Georgina is available as a source and for personal essays, opinion editorial, and reported features

Additional communication availability: Phone, text, videoconference

Languages: English (fluent), Spanish (proficient), French (proficient)

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