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F.I. Goldhaber

Contact F.I.: F.I.Goldhaber at gmail.com

F.I. Goldhaber's words capture people, places, and events with a photographer's eye and a poet's soul. As a reporter, editor, business writer, and marketing communications consultant, they produced news stories, feature articles, editorial columns, and reviews for newspapers, corporations, governments, and non-profits in five states. Now their poetry, fiction, and essays appear in paper, electronic, and audio magazines, books, newspapers, calendars, anthologies, and street signs. More than 100 of their poems appear in fifty plus publications, including five collections.

In addition to the work published under their legal name, F.I. writes erotic and transgressive fiction as well as non-fiction essays about sexuality that appear in U.S., U.K., and Canadian-based publications under pseudonyms. Their political poetry covers such controversial topics as gender and sexual politics, racism, classism, religious persecution, voting disenfranchisement, and health care access.

You can find F.I. at her website, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter @PNWwriting

Find F.I.'s current clips here

F.I. is available as a source and for personal essays and opinion editorial

Additional communication availability: Phone, text, videoconference (audio only)

Languages: English (Fluent)

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