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Ace Ratcliff

Image: Outside, clear blue sky at a fairground. The ferris wheel spins widely In the background. In the foreground, a femme in a blue wheelchair. They are pointing at the camera with their right hand and peering over the edge of their aviator sunglasses with a smile. They have a short undercut and tattoos. They're wearing a pink dress, a jean jacket covered in pins, and white wedges. 

Contact Ace: mortuary.report at gmail.com 

Writer. Poet. Artist. Photographer. Activist. Model. 

Former mortician.
Former cannabis-slinger.
Former tech writer in Silicon Valley.

(Also formerly known as "Heather.")

Ace currently lives and works in Oakland, CA with her fiancé, Derek, and their pack of wild beasts. Her advocacy is centered around intersectional feminism, with a specific focus on disability rights. She lives with hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, dysautonomia, and mast cell activation syndrome, which all make for a particularly rebellious meatcage. (She is an amorphous cloud of genderless rage and is not picky about pronouns — she, they, and him are all acceptable, but she's sticking with one for the bio for clarity's sake.) 

Ace has written about disability inclusion and representation for Bitch Magazine in "Already Whole: How Hollywood's Biggest Hits Shut Out Disability." Ace's voice as a disability activist has also been featured in The EconomistThe Guardian, and Chuck Wendig's terribleminds. Ace has been featured on several podcasts, including Maximum Fun's Reading Glasses and WNYC's Note to Self. She was Dapper & Woke's Spotlight Activist in June, 2017. She has worked as a sensitivity reader for Rosen Publishing. She is available for sensitivity reads and public speaking engagements related to hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, dysautonomia, and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome as well as bipolar disorder and PTSD.

Ace's deathcare expertise has been documented by Dirge Magazine and funeralOne. She also blogs about her previous experiences as a mortician and current experiences handling chronic illness at MortuaryReport.com. She is available for consultation as a mortuary, deathcare, and death expert.

Ace's poetry has been published in Breath & Shadow. Her short story, "The Ritual," appeared in Phobos Magazine. Her essay "Nihil De Nobis, Sine Nobis" appeared as part of Uncanny Magazine's Kickstarter campaign for Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction.

Ace is the co-owner of Harper's Promise, an in-home pet euthanasia, hospice and palliative care company. 

You can find Act at Mortuary Report, Stay Weird Be Kind, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @MortuaryReport

Find Ace's recent work on Stay Weird Be Kind and at Bitch Magazine: Already Whole: How Hollywood's Biggest Hits Shut Out Disability

Ace is available as a source and for personal essays, opinion editorial, reported features, investigative journalism, and sensitivity reading

Additional communication availability: Phone, text, chat, videoconference

Languages: English

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